Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Special Book Offer: 20% OFF to Birds NZ Members!

The newly released book "Birds: A Field Companion" by Samuel Emerson Scheibel is now available to Birds NZ members at a discount of 20% off RRP ($14.95)!

Birds: A Field Companion is a comprehensive and portable book designed for observing and recording birds in the field for successful identification. This book contains five sections of charts and diagrams for specific bird types. Additionally, there are three supplemental sections for further detailed observations, annotating bird calls, and recording checklists.  With concise diagrams and charts for quickly sketching and noting your observations, you’ll have more time to view birds and make more accurate identifications. This book is small enough to fit in a coat pocket or backpack so it can be carried on your next trip into the field, or keep it next to your favorite window for watching birds at your feeder.

Just visit https://www.createspace.com/6810755 and enter the coupon code 88B7Q7PM to receive your 20% discount!

Offer expires 31 December 2017