Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Birds NZ Youth Camps

Birds New Zealand's "Youth Camps" are a fantastic opportunity for young people to get a hands-on experience and develop skills in bird ecology!

The camps 2015-2018 were sponsored by Goodness Kitchen. The 2019 camp was funded by the Morrison donation. 

2019 Birds NZ Youth Camp (Marlborough)
16 Teenagers from around the country took part
in this year's youth camp, which was held in Marlborough
from 15 to 20 April.
Read the trip report here.


2018 Birds NZ Youth Camp (Southland and Stewart Island)
The youth camp was held in
Rakiura/Stewart Island and Southland from 16 to 22 April.
This year 22 young birders participated! 
Read the trip report here.


2017 Birds NZ Youth Banding Camp (Miranda)
A youth banding camp was held from 20 to 23 October 2017
at the Pukorokoro - Miranda Shorebird Centre.
Read more here.  



2017 Birds NZ Youth Camp (Bay of Islands)
This youth camp was held from 17-21 April 2017 
at the Orongo Bay Holiday Park in Russell.
Read more here.



2016 Birds NZ Youth Camp (Miranda/Waikato)  
The youth camp took place at the Miranda Shorebird Centre from 22-26 April 2016. 
Read more here.



2015 Birds NZ Youth Camp (Mana Island)  
Our first Youth Camp was held from 7-11 April 2015 
on Mana Island. 
Read the trip report here.