Thursday, May 23, 2019

Donations & Bequests

How you can help

We are working hard ensuring a better future for birds across New Zealand.
But to do this, we need your help!

Make a donation

The Society is a registered charitable entity CC 41020 and tax credits are available for donations made in New Zealand.
You can donate in several ways:

Leave a gift in your will

No matter how small, leaving something to us in your Will really makes a difference.

We will channel every dollar we receive into our Projects Assistance Fund, so you can be confident that your gift will have a real impact, both now and in the future. By remembering the OSNZ in your Will, you will ensure that birds have a voice for years to come.

Leave a legacy for future generations

It is important to have a Will to ensure that your wishes for your estate are carried out and to minimise the chances of your wishes being contested.
It is important to consult your solicitor, Guardian Trust or Public Trust office for advice in drawing up your Will.

A general gift gives us the flexibility to direct funds where they are needed, but we are also very happy to discuss options if you would like to leave a gift in your Will towards a specific purpose.

There are a couple of ways of supporting us in your Will:

  • Specific Legacy:  You may wish to leave a specific amount of money, shares, bonds, items or a nominated gift to the Society.
  • Residuary Legacy:  You may wish to leave a gift of all or part of your net estate (what remains after all taxes, specific gifts to family and friends and the cost of administering the estate have been paid). This type of legacy should be expressed as a percentage or share of your estate.