Thursday, December 12, 2019

Join Birds New Zealand

Birds New Zealand is a voluntary and charitable society that depends on the enthusiasm, active participation, knowledge and financial support of its members. We are not a conservation organisation, but the studies our members carry out provide vital information on which sound conservation decisions can be made.

We encourage and promote the study of birds by organising projects and activities at national and regional level. We help fund studies and support the wider knowledge and enjoyment of birds in general. We encourage members to participate in field trips to learn more about birds, where to find them and how to study them. We publish the quarterly scientific journal Notornis and the magazine Birds New Zealand, as well as occasional books, to make available results of bird studies in New Zealand, the southwest Pacific and Antarctica.

For membership queries please contact our Membership Secretary.

Membership Benefits:

  • Receive our publications for FREE! These include quarterly issues of the Birds New Zealand magazine and Notornis journal, as well as other free or discounted Birds New Zealand publications.

  • Participate in all birding activities and meetings of Birds New Zealand. Indoor and outdoor meetings occur on a national and regional basis providing opportunities to gain knowledge on birds/ornithology and learning practical skills whilst networking with knowledgeable people.

  • Get involved with bird surveys - provide data to Birds New Zealand's schemes, and sightings to the annual New Zealand Bird Report and the eBird online reporting tool. These data provide information on which research may be conducted, often with conclusions relevant to decision-making processes on the conservation of birds.

  • Get access to our extensive library of books and journals.

  • Vote in elections to appoint Officers of Birds New Zealand.

  • Become part of an organisation that aims to make a difference!

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