Saturday, July 20, 2019

New President - Bruce McKinlay

Bruce McKinlay has been involved in the Society in a greater or lesser role for a number of decades.  His first contribution to a Society Scheme was to contribute cards to a brown creeper survey led by Stuart Lauder in the 1980’s.  Since then he has contributed to both Atlas’s schemes. He also convened and led a Otago region distributional study of the birds in Dunedin City.  This was published by the Region in 1995. He has been a regular contributor to regional wader counts in Otago. Bruce also led the third and fourth Otago Harbour Surveys between 2009-2012.  He also curated the data for all the previous surveys and compiled this into a single data source. Since eBird was launched in New Zealand he has scoured old note books and added what he can find there to the database and has contributed to add checklists wherever he can. So far this has included 18 countries with aspirations for more.

Bruce has published sporadically in Notornis with his most recent contribution being a short note on the passerine birds of the grey shrublands of the Wakatipu.

Bruce has been on Council since 2008.  He has been the Vice President of the Society since 2009. In this time he has led the development of a modernised website and updating of the tools to support conference organisers and Regional Representatives. He’s also led the conceptual development so far of a new national monitoring scheme for birds.  At home Bruce is supported by Dinah and daughters Tess and Erana. For his day job Bruce is a Technical Advisor for the Department of Conservation based in Dunedin.