Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sharon Alderson - Welcome to Council!

I have worked at the Department of Conservation for almost ten years now. Despite a Master’s degree in Biology, I don’t work as a scientist- I’m an Issues Manager in  our Operations team – working with our staff and others to deliver conservation work on the ground through our biodiversity, recreation/historic, community engagement and visitor centre teams.

I have been an enthusiastic amateur birder since a week long stay on Tiritiri Matangi Island sometime early this century. Before that I was an indiscriminate ecology geek, rather than a committed bird-nerd. That week on Tiri led to volunteering on the island, leading guided walks and later Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi committee membership. I also edited the Dawn Chorus newsletter for several issues. Since that didn’t keep me busy enough in my spare time, I also attended the Miranda Field Course one year – and got involved in a bit of cannon netting, wader counting etc. Recently I have been concentrating on supporting young birders, testing activities to see if they are of interest, and in 2015 running the first Youth Field Camp for quite some time. This year I supported a second Youth Field camp and I’m very keen to ensure these continue. I also believe there is great untapped opportunity to develop an interest in birds through the arts as well as science, and hope to do more to provide options for arts engagement with birds.