Sunday, September 22, 2019

Latest issue of Birds New Zealand magazine published

Number of breeding Red-billed Gulls has declined by around one third since 1965!

The June 2016 issue of Birds New Zealand magazine has been published, reporting the results of a new nationwide survey of the Nationally Vulnerable Red-billed Gull, conducted in 2015-16. The survey found that the number of breeding pairs of Red-billed Gulls in New Zealand has declined by around one third over the past 50 years, down from 40,000 breeding pairs in 1965 to 27,000 breeding pairs in 2016.

This issue also reports on the first New Zealand records of sightings of Northern Fulmar, Red-footed Booby and Herald Petrel; a new regional survey of the Black-billed Gull on the South Island West Coast; the 2015 OSNZ National Wader Census; monitoring of breeding colonies of the Endangered Hutton's Shearwater in the Seaward Kaikoura Range; monitoring of breeding petrel species at Katiki Point in North Otago; and monitoring of land birds in East Otago.

Other reports describe a project to protect breeding Black-fronted Terns on the Clarence River; a successful translocation of Chatham Island Albatross chicks; and an update on this year's record breeding season for Kakapo.

It also contains news of the election of Sharon Alderson and Helen Taylor to the Birds New Zealand Council, and the appointment of Dr Leigh Bull as the Society's new Notornis Journal Editor. Regular content includes the quarterly report of the Society's President, David Lawrie, and quarterly reports from the Society's Regional Representatives.