Sunday, September 22, 2019

NEW Birding Maps!

Several years ago the Society decided that it would be desirable to have guide maps to the easily accessible sites to encourage bird watching. This was to assist people to visit areas outside their local knowledge where they can see and study birds and ultimately provide sightings to the Society’s database.

Over the years Nick Allen from Christchurch has visited sites throughout New Zealand and in conjunction with David Lawrie has produced a series of 6 maps which show 120 sites that people can visit. These maps have been produced on plastic material which ensures that they will not rip or be damaged by showers to encourage use in the field and are easy to carry.

These maps are available from the Miranda Shorebird Centre and can be obtained either by a personal visit or by using their mail order system. Visit

The cost is $11.90 per map or $50 for all 6 maps. Proceeds of these maps will go to the Society's Project Assistance Fund.