Thursday, December 12, 2019

MEDIA RELEASE - New edition of Birds New Zealand magazine published

A new edition of Birds New Zealand magazine has been published, reporting the first New Zealand records of Herald Petrel and Red-footed Booby which were seen and photographed by participants in a Heritage Expeditions cruise to the Kermadec Islands in March 2016.

This edition also reports on a new study of the New Zealand wrens which suggests that this ancient lineage – which includes Rifleman and Rock Wren – has been resident in New Zealand for more than 25 million years; the results of new tracking studies of three New Zealand species of crested penguin; a new study that suggests there are two subspecies of New Zealand Falcon rather than three; and a new study that found strong support for the extinct Laughing Owl being in the same Hawk-owl genus (Ninox) as Morepork.

Other items include reports on new studies of colour vision in New Zealand’s Mohoua species and male fertility and inbreeding in Hihi or Stitchbirds, and a feature on Waipu Estuary in Northland and the New Zealand Fairy Terns that breed there.

It also contains a report from the Society’s 2016 AGM, abstracts of research presented at the Society’s annual conference, the quarterly report of the Society's President, David Lawrie, quarterly reports of the Society's Regional Representatives, and news of notable sightings of bird species around New Zealand during the period 1st March to 31st August.