Friday, August 23, 2019

Feedback needed about colour bands

The Banding Office would like to improve the recording and reporting (as well as timely feedback) of colour-banded birds, and has developed two online surveys – open to birders, banders, and anyone who has reported a colour-banded bird or manages a banding project.

The first survey aims to collate information regarding projects that mark birds using colour bands, to improve recording and reporting of colour-banded birds through a searchable database (see South African and European examples).

The second survey focuses on colour band suitability and shortcomings through providing a platform for you to report on your personal insights, preferences and “gut-feel” regarding the suitability and shortcomings of different colour band types (butt-bands, wrap-around bands, jesses, flags, alpha-numeric, etc.), materials (metal powder-coated, Darvic, Salbex, acetate, celluloid, etc.), colours, closing techniques (glue or solder) and suppliers.

Please assist by completing the surveys via the links below. Your feedback will be used to streamline the functions of the Banding Office in terms of colour band record keeping, reporting, stock, and advice.

Many thanks!