Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Atlas of Bird Distribution in New Zealand (1985)

Publication date: 
September, 1985

This atlas presents information on bird distribution collected between September 1969 and December 1979 during a joint undertaking by the Ornithological Society of New Zealand, the Ecology Division of the Department for Scientific and Industrial Research, and the New Zealand Wildlife Service, Department of Internal Affairs.

Field observers were encouraged to compile lists of bird species from as many as possible of the 10 000-yard squares of the national map grid (Lands and Survey Department map series NZMS1 and NZMS18). There are 1614 of these squares in the North Island and 2016 in the South Island, while a further 45 squares cover Stewart Island and its smaller neighbours.

The data were coded and a computer was used to prepare maps showing the squares from which species had been reported. These species maps, supplemented by tables, constitute the main printed part of the present atlas.

P.C. Bull, P.D. Gaze and C.J.R. Robertson
Published in 1985 by the Ornithological Society of New Zealand Inc.