Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Chatham Islands Ornithology

Publication date: 
December, 1994

A Tribute to Sir Charles A. Fleming KBE, DSc, FRS, FRSNZ 1916-1987. Edited by Richard N. Holdaway

A Special edition of Notornis, Volume 41, Supplement, December 1994.

This publication is out of print and no longer available.

The contributions to this Fleming Memorial Issue of Notornis can touch on only a small part of Sir Charles Fleming's encyclopaedic interests. Underlying all the accounts, however, one can discern the extent of his contributions to science and society in New Zealand. The natural sciences, particularly geology and ornithology, are fortunate in being able to claim Sir Charles as their own. His enthusiasm led him to enter many other fields, but it is with birds, and especially Chatham Island birds, that most Society members will associate him. 

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