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Wader Studies in New Zealand

Publication date: 
March, 1999

A Tribute to Richard B.Sibson (19911-1994) and Barrie D. Heather (1931-1995)

Edited by Hugh A. Robertson.

A Special edition of Notornis, Volume 46, Part 1, March 1999.

The Ornithological Society of New Zealand recently lost two of its very select group of Honorary Life Members, Dick Sibson and Barrie Heather. Both were keen amateur members, both were honorary editors of the society's journal Notornis (1955-72 and 1978-94 respectively) and above all, both were wader enthusiasts.

Given the special interests that Sib and Barrie shared in waders and in publishing, the Council of the Ornithological Society of New Zealand decided to commemorate their significant contributions to the study of waders in New Zealand by publishing this collection of papers as a special memorial issue of Notornis.

The seventeen papers or short notes on waders in this issue are split into three topic areas: distribution and numbers, seasonal moveents, and general ecology of waders. These were all areas of special interest to both Sib and Barrie.

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